Ketogenic vs Paleo Diets


The paleo diet was started in 1970 by Walter L. Voegtlin who was a gastrointestinal expert. This type of meal has no additives or preservatives because it’s based on old style foods that were available to our ancestors from back before anyone was into farming. So it’s made up of healthy, wholesome food which has no contaminants.

Paleo diet includes nuts, roots, vegetables, fruits and meat which are said to improve your lifestyle by providing the required nutrients with no food chemicals. Therefore, this type of food could improve the basal metabolism of the body making you look healthy and strong physically.

People who follow the paleo diet claim many benefits which include:

• Stabilizes the blood sugar level in the body
• Due to increased metabolism, burns off fats in the body
• Reduces allergies
• Helps to improve the absorption of nutrients in the body
• Since it’s made up of natural products, paleo avoids impurities found on the skin or the teeth
• Improves sleep patterns.

With all the above claimed benefits, paleo diet’s main risk is that it could lead to insufficient vitamin D, calcium intake and possibly high toxins levels in the body. This could be due to high consumption of fish in the diet, because fish is not as clean of a food now as it used to be back in the day of hunter gatherers, due to metals and plastics in the ocean.


The ketogenic diet is a type of low carb diet for women like the one at and men too. This type of diet drastically lowers your carb intake and increases fat intake in your body while still eating enough amounts of proteins. The main principle behind this diet is to reach a metabolic state known as ketosis. The metabolic state mainly relies on fats to produce energy when broken down instead of using carbohydrate as the source of energy.

The low-carb diet is claimed to have the following benefits to a human body:

• It lowers blood’s low density lipoprotein level (“bad cholesterol“), glucose and blood sugar
• With the use of ketones, keto diet reduces insulin levels in the blood
• It reduces fats found in the body but still retains the muscle mass of the body
• Keto diet is said to reduce instances of seizure in epileptic children and improve the symptoms of Parkinson disease–but check with your medical professional
• Increases high density lipo-protein levels which is responsible for protecting the heart against diseases.

After you’ve started keto diet, you can experience some harmless symptoms known as keto flu for some days. These symptoms include stomach discomforts, mild nausea and sleeping problems. They subside after sometime when the body has fully adapted to the new diet.

apples and juiceDifferences between Keto and Paleo diets

Keto diet are mainly low carb which eliminates most starch and sugars from the diet. Therefore, most keto diet is obtained from non-starchy vegetables while Paleo diets are not low carb as such. For example you are likely to eat a lot more fruit on paleo than on keto. However, both have a lot of fats and proteins for energy production.

Unlike paleo diets which do not have dairy products, Keto diet has many dairy products like butter and cheese to add fats to the diet. The keto diet avoids actual milk in most cases however, because of the milk sugar, which is mostly taken out when butter and cheese are made.


Regardless of the diet you’re planning to start, you should be able to see results in the first 2-3 weeks after implementation.

The diets should improve your health, hence you’re supposed to feel great. Losing some weight while still maintaining your muscle should be the next thing to note.

In getting desired results, you’re required to be consistent and patient to enable your body adjust to the new diet and have positive results.

Finally, you can seek necessary advice from your physician in case you’ve doubts or problems, especially if you have any health condition or disease. Actually, you are required to consult a physician first to know the most suitable diet routine for you to follow.

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