Great Ideas for Games for Winter

Ice skating imageWinter can become a slow and long season especially when it snows or rains. Children who are stuck inside the house due to this cold season can become restless and bored. Fortunately, here are some great ideas for games for winter that will really keep your kids entertained all winter long.

For Snowy Days

1. Sled

It has been around for many years and still, a lot of people have fun playing with it. During winter, children would really love to run up to the top of the hill and just sled all the way down. This is definitely making the most of the weather.

2. Ski Skoot

If you are searching for a great alternative to sled and something that will let your child enjoy even though they are on a flat ground then a Ski Skoot is definitely the right toy for them. A Ski Skoot will let your child have fun with whatever the weather is.

3. Snowboards

There is a wide range of snowboards which are available for kids. Buy one for your child and take him or her to a local hill and teach your child how to use it and have fun with it. Snowboards don’t just let your child have fun but it also encourages them to be fit.

4. Snowman

This may not be a toy but kids do have fun building a snowman during a winter season. Building one with your child or letting them play with other kids is a fantastic way to be entertained during the long and slow winter season.

5. Snow Block Maker

This is made by Flexible Flyer and it lets you make blocks of snow and build it into something interesting. You and your child can even help each other to make an igloo or a snow wall or just anything that you want. This will surely keep you, your child or even the whole family amused for hours.

For Rainy Indoor Days

1. Puppet Show

This is a classic and it is still done by a lot of people today. It doesn’t just encourage creativity but it is also a kind of activity that can fight boredom for your kids or the whole family.

2. Theatre

This is quite similar to a puppet show. By doing this, your kids will have the chance to make their very own plays. Your kids can dress up in costumes and imagine being someone or something outside of their everyday experience. This will surely provide hours of fun and entertainment.

3. Monopoly

If your kids love board games or monopoly, then this is certainly a fantastic thing to play with during the long winter days. Playing monopoly can last for hours and this is very fun to play with.

4. Wii

This is a great game console to play indoors. The Wii has a lot of options of games for winter. This won’t just let your child have fun but this also promotes fitness because they don’t just sit down and play with it because there are several games for this game console that requires the players to stand up and do some actions, unlike most video games.

5. Legos

Legos are an excellent indoor toy. Building Lego sets will keep your child busy for hours while having fun and being creative and imaginative.

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  1. Two players go for the championship in this classic game. Use crisscrossed sticks and pinecones as game pieces. I just need a name for it.

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